The Machine – James Smythe

the-machineThat’s book two of the readathon finished. I’m not sure how to begin reviewing The Machine without ruining it by giving away central plot features. What I can say is that this is an incredible book. As I’ve now come to expect from Smythe’s books, it seems that the story you read is not the story that is written. Or perhaps there are at least two stories running parallel throughout. It’s a book that demands to be reread, leaving you questioning what you had originally taken for granted. Thoroughly recommended. Alan reviewed this a while back, and now I’ve finally read it I think I’m going to take a little reading break so we can compare notes.



It’s now hour eleven of the readathon, so here’s a self-portrait for the mini challenge . I’m starting to get a little sleepy, but I’m going to make myself some tea and try and push on for a few more hours. Maybe another book? I think I might give Building Stories by Chris Ware a go next. A bit of a change might be good. Alternatively, I’ve got Wool on my pile, which looking pretty tempting.


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